Just a quick note to say Thank You! I really loved and greatly benefited from your fibromyalgia program. Thank you for your care and help. Your knowledge was and is helpful to me forever!


Thank you again for your wonderful care of my patients. My hope is to get other patient to see you and have told my colleagues of your services.

Jeffrey D Mariano, MD
UCLA Gerontology Division

Jeanne Melvin helped change my life around. Before coming to Jeanne, I either depended on sleep aids (prescription and over-the-counter) or stayed awake all night. I never seemed to get tired on my own. This “way of sleep” had gone on for at least eight years. After six visits to Jeanne, and learning such things as relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, diet triggers and other ways to lessen anxiety, I am now able to sleep through the night for seven hours with absolutely no medication; if I do wake, I can fall quickly back to sleep without turning on the light to read or remaining awake and anxious. I am very grateful to Jeanne!


Thank you for all of your hard work with these patients. I’m always confident that when I send a patient to you that they will get excellent care.

Alon Avidan, MD, MPH
Director, UCLA Sleep Disorders Center
Director, UCLA Neurology Clinic

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

After years of major problems sleeping — my husband can now sleep!! — And, of course, that carries over to me.

When you were first recommended by our doctor I thought it was worth a try to see you but my husband, as most men will, simply pooh-poohed the idea claiming that simply NOTHING was going to help him. I can’t really say I blame him because after all not only had it been years of getting up several times during the night and staying awake for a couple of hours at a time, but we had tried every sleeping pill imaginable and nothing worked. All these pills made him feel drugged the following day.

Now he’s the first to say what an enormous improvement you’ve made in our lives and we are so very, very grateful. Most remarkable of all is that this incredible change has occurred after ONLY SIX SESSIONS with you — the last one being yesterday. So he’s now “graduated” and we remain forever in your debt.


You truly are my angel. You give me hope. I so look forward to working with you as you know, you are a rarity. I am so glad Dr. Pylko found you for me. Thanks for not giving up on me.


I want to thank you for helping me overcome my dependency on Ambien. I really appreciate the personalized treatment you gave me. After being on Ambien (10 mg per day) for more than five years, I was beginning to experience memory loss and cognition problems. I had searched many websites for help. I tried exercising during the day, darkening my room set up, having a one-hour routine before bedtime listening to soothing music, dimming the light and cooling my body temperature, etc. and I had been doing that for more than six months and it was still not working. When my doctor referred me to you, I was very skeptical as my dependency was quite severe. If I didn’t take it I would be up all night. After seeing you for six months, I am now completely off Ambien. All the various personalized tips you gave me based on my personal habits and needs, including my eating and drinking habits, you have helped me develop mindful breathing exercises, and your way of convincing me that I could kick the habit and other pointers have finally got me off this dreadful drug…. There is help and I strongly recommend your program.


Thanks, Jeanne, for the excellent care you provide and your always timely and useful communication.

Ravi Aysola, MD
UCLA Santa Monica Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine

Thank you so much! The best thing I have had this year was not closing my case, but having you teach us how to cope with pain! Every year since I met you has been a blessing. I have regained confidence. You are inspirational. I was truly blessed when Dr. Rodney Bluestone referred me to you. Thank you for everything. It hurts to not be able to see you, but at least I can e-mail.


I am so much better now and I am able to control my pain, sleep and life. All of this due to your patience, diligence and great treatment plan. You told me in the first session “you will one day control this” and in my mind I didn’t believe you. Here we are and you were correct! Thank you! You saved my life, my marriage and my relationship with my children. YOU ARE THE BEST!
Happily healthy and sleeping better,


Thank you for helping me. With your help I am finally breaking through to get my life back. Your confidence and belief in me has boosted my (very low) belief in myself. With good sleep I have so much less pain. You are my personal pep squad and coach all rolled into one. Thank you!!!


It is such a blessing to know someone like you! I feel so much better I am ready to take the GED test, something I have been putting off for two years. Thank you for teaching me to see the positive side of everything and for helping me to live a better and happier life.


I had used Ambien and other sleep drugs for more than thirty years and began to experience painful side effects. With Jeanne Melvin’s coaching about relaxation, mediation, sleep hygiene, and herbal substitutes for prescription drug aids, I worked my way off the drugs and now enjoy more restful, refreshing sleep. I am very grateful for her guidance in this transition.


You deserve the recognition for all your incredible life’s work, and I know you’re far from finishing making positive changes for the many people, like me, in dire needs of your type of life changing therapy!


I really thoroughly enjoyed the Wellness-Return to Work Group today. Thank you so much for recommending that I come. It was so relieving to hear that other people experience my same symptoms and that I’m not crazy! It really put me at ease.


Thank God for you! All the information you have given me and help throughout the program is appreciated, many thanks!


On nights where I actually sleep 6 hours, I am euphoric. The next day I feel normal. That’s something I haven’t felt in years. Again, I’m not at my previous level, but I feel a real sense of normalcy I haven’t felt in several years…. Previously my system had degenerated to the point where I was getting 1 – 2 hours maybe 50% of the time. That was what was literally driving me to suicide.
Thanks again for everything. Had I not gotten this info from you, I am quite certain I would have taken my life. It really was unbearable. My sons are the only thing that kept me from doing that. I am not a depressive or suicidal person by nature, not at all. But one reaches a point where there is only torture in life and no future except that pain. Then there’s really no point in continuing it (except for my sons).

A big hug and thanks, Jeanne.


I am sleeping well…. I don’t have anxiety about my sleep these days. Thank you so much for all your help and getting me through the rough patch! I feel empowered with the techniques you’ve taught me.


It [my recent sleep problem] was what you thought, a rebound insomnia when I stopped (taking) Ultram. Everything is ok now. I sleep like a baby. I feel very, very happy, Jeanne. Thank you so much because I have no more problem at all: no pain, no contractures, nothing!… I can drive again, walk etc. I have come alive again! I cannot believe it, and my doctor is totally astonished to see me recovering so quickly…. He told me it is both intelligent and simple the way you manage this disorder….
I thank you again very sincerely. My coming to you has changed the way I was living….


I am so glad you came into my life. At my first visit I found you very kind, amazingly gentle. I liked your personality, your intelligent mind…. I love the fact that I can just be myself with you. You have given me the courage to go on in my life with a different lifestyle!!!… I feel very lucky knowing you…. How special you are!!! You are a one-of-a-kind lady.