Solutions for Wellness is both a clinical practice and a web site to help patients suffering from chronic pain, sleep disorders and a broad variety of chronic illnesses.

For decades our director, Jeanne Melvin has been creating bridges between traditional medicine, rehabilitation, psychology, and health education to help people achieve better health and an improved quality of life. Toward these ends she developed wellness programs that are based on science and measurable results, programs that are accepted by clinicians from all orientations. Most of her patients are referred to her practice by prominent physicians or clinicians who are leaders in their medical specialties.

Her passion is to help patients with chronic pain and sleep disorders adopt healthier behaviors and lifestyles so they can suffer less pain, achieve improved sleep, experience better mood and enjoy life more. To reach these goals, her approach is behavioral and non-drug and includes stress-management, exercise and nutrition. In her search for ways to help patients make the life changes necessary to enjoy these benefits, she has made an extensive study of behavioral-change theory and mind-body interaction and the neuroscience of behavior. Her goal is to create therapeutic programs that result in significant improvements and long-lasting healing.

Ms. Melvin’s approach could be called “Integrative or Wellness Rehabilitation” because it integrates medicine, psychology, behavioral sleep training, physical rehabilitation, wellness education, self-management training, healthy nutrition and exercise. When patients need medication, it is provided by the patient’s personal physician; and medication reductions are also authorized by the treating physician. In the field of healthy psychology, her approach is best described as “biopsychosocial.” It addresses biologic, psychological and cultural aspects of pain, illness, fatigue, depression and sleep disorders.